Qantas bans man over wearing ‘Bush number 1 terrorist’ shirt

How many people would love to order one of these T Shirts? I would!!



One Response to “Qantas bans man over wearing ‘Bush number 1 terrorist’ shirt”

  1. noriko says:

    I am in Bangkok now and there is a t shirt I saw showing hitler and bush side by side and a caption saying same shit different asshole. An old style showing bush and a woman’s lower half with a caption saying good bush bad bush and finally one with a picture of bush saying wanted for crimes against humanity

  2. BChi says:

    In 6 years Mr. Bush has killed more Americans than any other entity on the planet. Over 700,000 thousand Americans are arrested every single year, destroying peoples lives, ruining their chances for future education, breaking apart families, ect for the same thing Mr. Bush has admitted doing, smoking marijuana. 4.2 million Americans would want one of those shirts, and then some.

  3. lanster88 says:

    Yeah I knew this one guy who was arrested for dealing drugs! The Bush administration is totally screwing his rights! He should be allowed to smoke his crack! Hell, had he been left alone he may have developed a better method to take LSD. And smoking marijuana! Bush and Clinton should be ashamed of doing that stuff. Crack is totally the way to go. If 1.4% of Americans want that shirt, I think it should be sold in every store!

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